We are a company formed by professionals, dedicated exclusively to advising you in regards to your selection and marketing of promotional gifts and corporate gifts. Established in 1991, we have performed thousands of successful campaigns with our promotional items.

From our ability to supply small amounts of advertising gifts with in stock products, to our customization of promotional products and our ability to select and import for our customers large volumes of promotional gifts using the most innovative printing techniques, we are one of the most competitive companies within the advertising gift sector.

In this electronic catalog you will find a small selection of some of the promotional items that we sell.

If you are looking for a particular promotional gift and cannot find it in our catalog, please contact us, and we will be sure to meet your needs.

If your claim is looking for significant quantities of promotional gifts for some concrete action promotional marketing, please call us and we can provide you solutions with our import service.

We hope to secure your confidence in your next selection of promotional gifts and corporate gifts for your clients.


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Promotional Gifts Items

Welcome to www.promotionalgiftsitems.com , we are a company dedicated to the marketing of promotional gifts and corporate gifts since 1991. In our electronic catalog of promotional gifts, you will find a selection of promotional items that we offer. We offer both imported and European-manufactured items, as well as advertising gifts that can be personalized to meet your needs. We are specialize in supplying all the promotional gifts you will need for your next trade show or conference in Europe, without additional costs (see our conditions of sale). For 25 years, we have been providing advertising gifts for a wide range of events, please contact us.


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