68 promotional items
Colouring set from 0,74€
Mechanical pencil from 0,41€
Ball pen from 0,19€
Flashlight from 2,84€
Flashlight from 1,25€
Men's workwear jacket from 25,35€
Unisex workwear smock from 16,74€
USB hub from 2,68€
Portable reading light from 1,13€
Speaker from 13,23€
Portable battery from 23,98€
Sticky notes set from 0,43€
Notepad from 3,36€
Barbecue set from 8,84€
Travel cup from 2,68€
Smart watch THIKER I from 87,17€
Webcam protector from 0,16€
Document bag from 2,27€
Lint roller from 0,53€
Non-slip mat from 0,72€
Tablet case from 4,56€
Gym bag from 10,65€
Backpack from 11,31€
Trolley from 15,45€
Cooler bag from 10,80€
Shoulder bag from 2,43€
Backpack from 5,29€
Ball pen from 0,57€
Coloured pencils from 0,86€
Manicure set from 7,11€
Backpack EMPIRE from 93,55€
Foldable bag from 1,65€
Men's belt from 12,59€
Cardholder from 2,61€
Cardholder from 1,00€
Notepad from 2,22€
Ruler from 0,30€
Notepad EMPIRE from 17,24€
Mug from 1,38€
Mug from 2,40€
Mug from 2,43€
Mug from 1,20€
Mug from 1,25€
Cutlery set from 5,80€
Mug from 2,31€
Cooler sleeve from 0,77€
Reusable straw from 0,54€
Straw kit from 1,16€
Wine set from 5,80€
Heat pouch from 0,74€
Sports bottle from 5,45€
Mug from 2,20€
Travel cup from 7,89€
Flashlight from 2,66€
Emergency hammer from 5,80€
Nail file from 0,52€
Lip balm from 0,73€
Hand sanitizer from 0,56€
USB adaptor from 7,50€
Wireless charger from 8,67€
Earphones from 23,69€
Portable battery from 16,33€
Umbrella from 13,28€
Umbrella from 18,15€


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Welcome to , we are a company dedicated to the marketing of promotional gifts and corporate gifts since 1991. In our electronic catalog of promotional gifts, you will find a selection of promotional items that we offer. We offer both imported and European-manufactured items, as well as advertising gifts that can be personalized to meet your needs. We are specialize in supplying all the promotional gifts you will need for your next trade show or conference in Europe, without additional costs (see our conditions of sale). For 25 years, we have been providing advertising gifts for a wide range of events, please contact us.


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