• 93736-Notepad
  • 93736-Notepad
  • 93736-Notepad
  • 93736-Notepad
Measurements: 90 x 140 mm

from 2,200€

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A6 notepad with 200 pages, rainbow edged pages and elastic.


Measurements: 90 x 140 mm

Until 100 Unid. 101 to 250 Unid. 251 to 500 Unid. 501 to 1000 Unid. 1001 to 2500 Unid. 2501 to 5000 Unid. 5001 to 10000 Unid. 10001 to 25000 Unid. More 25001
2,200€ 2,090€ 1,980€ 1,870€ 1,760€ 1,650€ 1,540€ 1,430€ -

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UV Digital

Direct printing on promotional items by transferring ink. Use of color and size are irrelevant in the pricing.


The printed image is produced by the use of a die implemented to a certain depth through the use of temperature and pressure. It is mainly used on leather and synthetic leather promotional items but is also used with some types of plastic and wood.

Pad Printing

Printing technique consisting of a metal or plastic plate, coated with a photosensitive emulsion, where the image is formed through a chemical process. Forming a gravure, this plate is covered with ink and swept by a blade, then a buffer silicone press on the plate engraves gravure ink, picking and transporting it on to the piece to be printed by contact. It is the printing technique used on most small items, such as promotional pens or lighters. In some cases, due to technical limitations it is only possible to print in one color. In this case the system will only allow you to select the one color. This technique only transfers direct colors. If you want to create a full color process it is essential to select 5 color printing.

Transfer screen printing

Printing technique where the logo or image to be produced is transferred by screen printing to a vinyl support. As the support is cut the print, is made through thermal transfer to the desired promotional gift. Widely used for small runs in products with various colored labels, the drawback to transfer printing on textiles is that if washed or ironed incorrectly rapid degradation can occur. The price is calculated by printing colors used. Must select 5 colors if we want to print a full color process.

Digital Pad

Direct printing on promotional items by transferring ink. Use of color and size are irrelevant in the pricing.

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